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What We Do

We achieve and deliver consistent messaging through our 4-step process:

DiscoveryThis process will occur in multiple phases as necessary.

  • Initial Discovery – Discovery begins prior to the execution of a contract to ensure Ignite! and the client are suited to entered into a binding relationship. Once a contract is executed by Ignite! and signed by the client, a date will be set for a Deep Discovery session.
  • Proposal Development & Contract Execution – Prior to the Deep Discovery session, the Ignite! team will develop a proposal for the client that will provide a high-level plan that will include suggested date ranges and campaign elements. Once the proposal is reviewed and approved a contract between the client and Ignite! will be issued.
  • Deep Discovery – The Ignite! team will work with the client to develop a list of objectives that all communications tactics will be measured against. Using this method, the client and the Ignite! team will be able to ensure that all goals and outcomes are agreed upon in advance.

Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Planning
– During this phase, the Ignite! team will develop a plan for the client that will achieve the goals and objectives outlined during the discovery phase. We will also work with the client to gather pertinent data, coordinate campaign project management and creative content development. The Ignite! team will also secure access to the tools needed to execute the plan (i.e. current website analytics, email & social media metrics).

Tactical Development and Execution – Once the Discovery and Strategic Planning Phases are completed, the Ignite! team will develop a detailed tactical plan based on the goals and objectives outlined during the Discovery session and the strategies outlined during the Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications Planning. The tactical plan will show the client the who, what, when, where, how and how much of all communications elements selected. During this phase, all necessary graphics and communications collateral will also be developed (print, digital, video).

Immediately following the delivery of the tactical plan, approved by the client, the Ignite! team will proceed with the execution of the tactical plan while keeping the client constantly abreast as changes occur.

Measurement and Evaluation – This final, yet ongoing process begins simultaneously with the execution of the tactical plan. The Ignite! team will track the performance of all communications tactics as deemed necessary to measure their efficacy. Regular reports will be delivered to and reviewed with the client on an agreed upon time. During report review sessions, the client and the Ignite! team will make any necessary decisions about the tactics executed.