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Oasis Church


The Purpose

Oasis Church is a multi-generational, multi-site, and multi-racial church with an increasing number of new members
joining every week. With the growth that the church has experienced in the past couple years, the pastors
implemented new programs geared towards strengthening marriages and the family dynamic, youth programs, along
with other services.

The Process

They also opted to decrease their international giving and focus a great deal on giving monies and volunteerism
locally. They wanted to increase their visibility locally with the goal of obtaining international visibility. Ignite
recommended that the church earn media placement with the local media outlets by displaying its humanitarian
efforts. Also, the church was advised not to compete for advertising space in ad-heavy local publications, but instead
invest in public relations (with no advertising dollars) to maximize the limited bud- get. Our firm developed press kits,
media pitches, feature and trend stories and general religious news for local media outlets.

The Payoff

Oasis Church, on several occasions, attained the media’s attention and was featured in print, digital and traditional media
formats. One newspaper featured Oasis Church on the front page of the newspaper, which is a highly coveted placement.