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EGAP Realty

EGAP Realty


The Purpose

EGAP Realty Group and its founder, Page Turner, wanted to inform the public about the grand opening of its
new real estate office while educating the public on new services that would be offered.

The Process

Ignite recommended that the real estate company host a Grand Opening Celebration while bridging two
neighborhoods together. It was also suggested to engage other thriving businesses, in the area, to participate in the
Grand Opening in order to increase the audience size. The historic neighborhoods, one mostly African-American and
the other mostly affluent Caucasian, are currently undergoing some revitalization.
Because the event was a community affair, EGAP did not have to purchase any advertisements. We were able to get
media placement within the community events section of various news print outlets. Also, four television news stations
covered the occasion. Our firm developed press kits, media pitches, feature and trend stories and general real estate
news for local media outlets.

The Payoff

EGAP Realty obtained more realtors after the event. The group grew
from three realtors to a staff of nine, including a full-time office manager.
Mrs. Turner-Morton was selected as the realtor of choice for 13 families
from the event. Also, Mrs. Turner-Morton had enough interested
candidates to enroll into a homebuyers class, which resulted in more
properties being purchased.