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We want to help you shout your name to the masses. By placing advertisements in digital, traditional and new media we can help you tell the world what they want to hear.


Did you build it? Did they come? Let us help figure out the missing piece of the puzzle. No matter the product or service there is someone that wants to give you money for it. We can find them together.

Public Relations

After we shout your name to the masses and put the missing pieces in place, we want to keep the conversation going. We want to help you build, protect and control your image in the community.

Sell The Most and Be Seen The Most!

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Why Choose Us

Good Is Not An Option

The internet has forever changed the economy. Every person on this planet has the potential to be a glogal business right from their living room. Standing out in our increasingly crowed economy grow harder everyday. Being good at what you do is no longer all it takes to be number 1. In today's economy there can be several individuals and business that do exactly what you do and are just as good. So how do you stand out? You fascinate.

Let us show you how to go from a good business to a facinating business!

Everyone And Everying Sells

Every person and every part of your business is a sales tool. Your staff, products, service, customer service, packaging, website, logo, graphics, business cards, etc. are just a few of the tools that are always selling for you. What are they saying? How are they impacting sales? Branding is more than a buzzword it affects your bottom line.

Let us examine your business from top to bottom and provide you with a plan for brand consistency.

Control Your Story, Before It Controls You

Publicists, professional who are in the field of public and media relations, do two things. They help build your reputation and they help protect it. The internet, social media and smartphones have made the tasks of building and protecting reputations harder than ever. Mistakes that once faded away from memories can now become trending topics. Situations that were intended to be private can become real-time headlines. They saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," still holds true but who do you trust when everyone and everything is for sale.

Trust us to build and protect your reputation by telling your best story!

What They Say

  • Roddy Story
    Tennessee Bank & Trust

    As a board member of the Salvation Army I have had the good fortune to work with Jason on several projects. He was a bright, professional team member who has a winning way with others. For some time the Army has realized the need to sharpen its marketing focus. With the recruitment of Jason we shortly begin to see a significant change in much of the materials that were produced and the branding that was starting to occur. He used the goodwill and graphics of the Salvation Army and breathed some life into way we were communicating. Jason is a wonderful person and was a key member of the Army staff.

  • Jillian Chambers
    Oasis Church

    Kaneesha Martin has been a tremendous asset to our Oasis Community. Her Public Relations skills and connections have contributed to the increased awareness of both our Presence and Impact in the Music City. She has brought many aspects of the media to cover several of our events which increased both our visibility and the awareness of our existence. I would highly recommend her for your Publicity needs!

Case Studies